Glass, Windows for High-performance Commercial Buildings

When installing Tinted glass windows in commercial buildings, the amount of work required is far more than residential buildings. The input starts from the very initial step when you decide to go for this option. The market is full of different windows produced from all sorts of materials. However, glass has proven to be versatile and efficient in delivering a conducive atmosphere to a building’s occupants. Nevertheless, a commercial facility is always more significant in size, consequently demanding more financial input from the owner. The information below will enlighten you on the vital aspects to consider while embarking on this journey.


A common misconception about tint is that it comes in a standard color. Advancements in technology and increasing unique demands from clients have paved the way for better shades. When selecting these glass windows, you must opt for a tint to protect people within. It has to keep the glare of the sun away. Also, it shouldn’t be too dull and make the room darker. The result would be using up bulbs to make the room brighter. A blue tint will produce cooling and more relaxed results, while a bronze tint will reduce the glare’s intensity. Ensure whichever color you pick works suitably for the set of up the building. If you feel the tint’s shading isn’t sufficient, you can go further and invest in reflective glasses. The glass will bounce the rays of the sun away instead of allowing it to pass through. They are energy efficient only when the temperatures are high. However, each state has some regulations regarding the amount of reflection to incorporate in your windows. You do not want a situation where the light is blinding passersby when the sun is extreme.


The location of a commercial building is commonly in a strategic place where they are accessible for business. Some of them could be near roads, airports, or any other busy spot. When there is vast traffic or movement, there is a high likelihood of the windows rattling. Additionally, if your business includes heavy machinery, you would still suffer from the same problem. The effect is the production of some annoying noise which is destructing in work set up. If the windows were not properly installed, they could accidentally fall off, leading to substantial problems regarding safety and property damage. Therefore, ensure you use laminate tinted glass windows. The glass in them is laminated then stuck to another vital piece of adhesion. The material will prevent the glass from shattering upon falling off and making any sounds. Also, in adverse weather conditions like a storm or earthquakes, you assure safety for the people inside and outside.

Energy Efficiency.

The sole purpose of window installation is for proper ventilation and lighting. However, through careful considerations, you can use them to lower your energy bills. Windows also play a massive role in regulating the amount of heat entering and leaving a building. When making selections, opt for a design that has features to reduce heat loss. Employing infrared will direct the heat back into the house in winter. During hot seasons like summer, it should reflect the heat outside. This way, you won’t have to keep paying for electricity consumed by an HVAC unit. The purchasing cost might be high, but the windows are worth it.

Windows are a vital part of commercial structures as they allow natural light access to the interiors. The workers in such a building can only perform if the environment is ideal. With the above tips, you will manage to make the right decisions from the purchasing to the installation phase.

O’Neil Teape
O’Neil Teape is the owner of ProShield Glass Tinting Specialists. O'Neil is not just an installer but a craft artist, converting the clients' needs for privacy, safety and protection into dynamic design fit to their specific style and preferences.