A Few Helpful Tips For Marketing Your Luxury RV Resort

The RV industry is witnessing growth levels never seen before. The pandemic has accelerated the trend but more people than ever are thinking of investing in an RV and exploring the country while enjoying their days in a luxury RV resort.

More RVs are being sold and manufacturers are finding it difficult to keep pace with the demand. All those RVs need RV resorts and this is why it makes sense for savvy investors to buy RV parks.

If you are already an RV park owner or you are planning investment in one, and are wondering how you are going to market it, here are a few tips for marketing your luxury RV resort:

Make It Convenient to Book

If you order most of your stuff online, do online bookings for air tickets and other such things, you are no different than most people. Most people are used to doing everything online and it also applies to RV Park booking.

There is no reason for people to be personally present at the RV booking site or call someone to make a booking. They should be able to do it online. If you advertise your park and people find it difficult to make a booking, your advertising dollars won’t be fetching any return.

Fortunately, there are several solutions available for luxury RV park owners. Make sure it is a complete system that allows you to take care of all the aspects of booking. It should be completely automated which means customers should be able to adjust their booking dates, cancel bookings and other such things.

Post Photos and Videos

The Internet generation is a visual generation. Everyone likes to look at photos and videos. When you are listing your park on a channel booking platform, you will have to upload photos. Some platforms also allow you to upload videos.

If the images of your luxury resort are just like every other resort on the platform, it is unlikely that your park will generate more than a cursory interest.

Use images that speak directly to your customer base. Highlight everything that should be highlighted about your resort. Even though you have a powerful camera in your pocket, sometimes it is better to engage the services of a professional photographer to capture the real essence of the amenities on offer.

Use photos to tell a story. Share all parts of the property. Don’t forget to post photos of individual RV spaces as well as all the features.

Help People Visualize a Good Time

If you want people to get excited about making a booking at your RV resort, you need to make them visualize how much fun they are going to have at your park. The first step in this process is to brainstorm and identify the strengths of your resort.

Pick out the activities that people like to do at your resort. Click some photos of people enjoying those activities. You should also go outside of the resort in order to help people visualize how they are going to have a good time even outside of the resort.

Go to the local market area and click some photos. If you have some local museums or wildlife or other such things that people usually enjoy, that should be a part of the listing. Also, don’t forget to upload the photographs of these activities.

Keep in Touch with Your Guests

Repeat customers are much more valuable than new customers. While you should continue making efforts to attract new customers, it is also important to remain in touch with your guests.

Incentivize them to sign up for your mailing list and remain in regular contact with them through personalized emails. You could highlight some new attractions you have added to the park or maybe, there is a discount coupon for making a booking. You may also highlight new attractions outside the park.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the RV resort industry is booming but so is the competition. If you want to keep your RV park full, you need to market it. Highlight the strengths of your resort. Make people visualize how much fun they are going to have at your park by posting high-quality photos and videos on channel platforms as well as on your own social media channels. Also, make it easy for potential guests to make a booking by investing in the right software solution.

Do all this and you won’t have any trouble finding enough guests for your luxury RV resort.

Nick Cebula
Nick is one of the owners of Shaded Haven RV Park. Nick owns multiple manufactured housing parks and is experienced in the business of acquiring, operating and developing communities. Nick is committed to bringing his residents a safe, enjoyable community that fits their affordable housing needs.