Helpful Tips to Make Printing More Efficient

If you work in an office, you’re probably seen a lot of pages being printed. While digital documents have become a reality and are becoming more common but printing is still a necessity in many working environments. Printing used to be costly but there are things you can do to make printing much more efficient.

First and foremost, you should begin by investing in an ink tank printer. If you have an ink jet printer, you are already spending a lot of money on ink cartridges. There is a reason inkjet printer have cheaper initial cost as printer companies make money by selling these cartridges at a very high price. You can save a lot of money by choosing any ink tank printer. It has literal tanks of ink that can be easily refilled and you don’t need to buy a new cartridge every time the printer ink runs out.

Another way to make printing more efficient is to reduce the font size of the document. It will help in printing fewer pages while still delivering the required document. You should also try to print everything in monochrome, wherever possible as color prints cost much more as compared to monochrome prints.

If you are going to begin a large print job, it is always better to print a practice copy and make sure everything is right with the document before you click that okay button on your computer. You do not want to print 200 pages only to realize that the font size is not right or the document isn’t set how it should be. It will just lead to a lot of wastage.

Always use the preview feature before you send that print job to the printer. It will help you in making sure that everything is right with the document. If required, you can always make adjustments before clicking that okay button. If your job involves printing a lot of webpages, you should look for browser extensions that allow you to choose only the part of the web page that you want to print.

All the printers have a low power mode or sleep mode wherein the printer goes to sleep and consumes less energy. You are not going to need a printer all around the clock. Change the settings of your printer to make sure that it reverts to the low power mode when there is nothing to print for some time. It will also help in enhancing the lifespan of your printer.

Take a look around the settings of your printer and you will find an economy or draft mode. In this mode, your printer uses less ink. You should use this as the default setting for most printing tasks. It will help in bringing down the printing cost significantly. You always have the option of printing something in a higher quality for important documents.

One of the ways to make printing much more efficient is to choose a duplex printer. While many printers allow you to do it manually, it is better to invest in a printer that does it automatically. It makes a lot of sense in offices where hundreds of pages are printed each day. It will not only help in saving paper but will also bring down the printing costs substantially.

In many office environments, modern printing systems have a pull printing option. In this system, the user needs to get up from their desk and enter a code in order to print something. They can’t just give a print order sitting at their desk. This not only helps in conserving paper but also forces people to think twice before printing something.

Overall, printers are a necessity in many work environments but following the above-mentioned tips should help you make the overall printing process much more efficient and save quite a bit of money in printing costs.